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My first novel, From World to World is a teenage novel. It was long listed for the Virginia prize for unpublished novels in 2009. It is the story of Jessie, a mixed race teenager with an English mother and a Nigerian father. Jessie attends private school in West London, has her own horse and regulary attends the lavish parties of her rich friends. Her life is thrown into turmoil when her father returns from one of his long business trips with his his second wife and two daughters. Jessie's mother flees to her sister's flat in a deprived London borough, where she suffers a mental breakdown. Jessie follows.When things don't improve she has no choice but to attend. the local Secondary school. She must learn the new rules to survive. Things get worse when Jessie's innocence lead her into a world of drugs and violence. She has no where to turn to until she meets Greg.
From World to World is a coming of age story in modern day London.

My second novel, Power in the Blood, is a teenage novel set in modern day London about a boy with the power to predict danger before it arrives.
Most people would think that being able to predict the future is a gift, but is it? Marcus managed to keep his secret until that day in the school assembly when he is forced to save the Head Teacher from certain death. In front of the whole school. His bravery should have been celebrated but his attempts to explain himself led everyone to think he was crazy.
Marcus ends up on a psychiatric ward where he meets other teens with powers. Together they discover how and why they have their powers. A journey frought with danger and truths Marcus wished he'd never discovered.

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